A partnership tailored to your success.

We want to find Founders and Management Owners with big ideas who are not done building and want a partner to provide both tailored capital and time to build the future together

We are a partner who will listen to your goals, work together to develop the investment solution that uniquely suits your needs, and collaborate to support your success.

First Security Building
Flexible Capital

We support your vision for the future.

With the flexibility to structure our investment and partnership to align with your needs, we craft solutions that are tailored to you.
Building Enduring Partnerships

Great firms aren’t built in three to five years.

Traditional Private Equity continues to have shorter time horizons, typically three to five years.

Our view is that the best companies aren’t built in three to five years and that our companies can continue to compound over time.

We have the desire and patience to partner with a long-term perspective.

First Security Building

Because we are investing as partners and not as the sole or controlling shareholder, alignment is critical.

Can we structure an investment that accelerates your growth?
Do we both believe we can add value beyond capital?
Do we see eye-to-eye on your vision?
Why it matters

Alignment matters and our goal is to empower our partners to achieve their vision for their company.

Our belief

We believe in investing in founder-led businesses.

No matter the sector, industry, or maturity of the business, we believe a founder-led company is the best place to invest our capital. This is especially true when the ownership mentality runs deep in the culture of the organization.
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