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Service Truck Depot Receives Transformational Investment

March 5th 2024

FAIRFIELD, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Service Truck Depot, a leading provider of custom-built industrial service and mechanics trucks led by Danny Burnett and Stacy Dodd, is pleased to announce a transformative investment from Houston-based Rock Hill Capital and Salt Lake City-based Cynosure Group. This strategic partnership facilitates the buyout of previous partner Foundation Automotive and injects significant growth capital to drive Service Truck Depot into its next phase of growth.

“We are excited to partner with Rock Hill and Cynosure to continue our growth and further our product portfolio expansion to better serve our customers and reach new and growing end markets,” said Danny Burnett, co-founder of Service Truck Depot.

The investment marks a significant milestone in Service Truck Depot’s development, enabling the business to continue to build upon the company’s leading reputation in the industry for highly customized, high-quality work trucks along with the industry’s quickest lead times and outstanding customer service.

“We have exciting plans for Service Truck Depot and intend to take the same high-quality service experience our customers have come to expect and expand it into additional areas. Our customers have significant needs for equipment as they continue their own expansion plans and we are taking steps to meet their continued growth,” said Stacy Dodd.

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